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Light’s On

We all agree that the need for lighting in planning buildings, houses, and communal spots, is supposed to be one of the main and foremost things before executing the project. Selection of the right lighting to create an atmosphere that is conceptual and in line with the building’s design must be thoughtfully precise and careful. Furthermore, from the past through modern days, lighting is not only necessarily be the source of light in singular, but has a robust aesthetic objective to aim with the right match for the overall theme of the room or building’s design.

This makes an evolution in demand for lighting needs, that the adjustment of lighting source is no longer something to be ignored, but a complementary which possesses aesthetic value that should be a highlight in a room or building. Hence, the lamp is no longer a second-class ornament, but a crucial decoration tool and also an art exhibition that determines the style and taste of a building or interior design.

About Us

Lightvolution was born out of an awareness of those needs. Responding to the challenge of escaping the mainstream realm of conventional and tend to be boring lamps, we tend to be the love child of decoration and art in the form of lighting. It all started with an experiment to make a steampunk industrial light style lamp for decorating a private home in 2015. Lightvolution put a lot of passion into this inaugural project, with quite fulfilling results. From there, Lightvolution uses it as an initial showcase to introduce and present our works and ideas, and we finally created a dedicated Instagram account with a collection of the steampunk lamps uploaded as the maiden post.

On July 2nd 2015, we took a step further to socialize our products to prospective customers and decoration enthusiasts, by participating in a Bazaar in Surabaya which featured a combination of
handmade steampunk style products and several imported lamps. Excellent feedback and promising enthusiasm have made us determined to continue promoting the choices of lamps that balance function and aesthetic. Lightvolution then became more active in participating other exhibitions to
mingle and establish our existence.

From these several exhibition events, interior designers and home owners are getting to know Lightvolution and the vision that we present. Several clients began to approach and ask to handle some of the building projects they were working on. Procurement of custom lamps rapidly became a higher demand and regular customers who feel a match to our style and work flow are also increasing to this day.

Until now, Lightvolution continues to set uniqueness and maintain high quality as our main value and attraction The visions and ideas that we have built over the years in addition to the trust given by many interior designers, architects, and art enthusiasts have become a thruster for us to provide the best in this industry, and in the end have transformed to become a reference point in presenting evolution in lighting.

The Spotlight

To be the leading lighting supplier in Indonesia and able to break through the international market

The highlight

Providing customers with explorative variations and up-to-date lamp design options while still paying attention to aesthetically pleasing designs. High quality material at a reasonable price

Keep The Shine Bright

Oriented in superior material quality and high aesthetic value for every product we offer Providing ready stock lamps with a variety of choices that are always up to date and a variety of styles that are rich in perspective

Design and production of bespoke lamps that are adjusted to the design that are requested by the customer according to the customized concept and theme which can also be consulted openly with assistance from us

Adjusting the client space in accordance to the project being worked on, to maintain good and proper lighting optimization

For some special projects we also provide 3D visual and animation for the desired lamp design in adjustment with the project being worked on Installation service, lamp maintenance, as well as procurement of spare parts that are integrated and can be purchased directly from us

Ritz Carlton, Pasific Place, Jakarta Ritz Carlton, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Aloft Kuta, Bali
JW Marriott, Surabaya
Pavilion Restaurant at JW Marriott, Surabaya Imari at JW Marriott, Surabaya
Uppercut at JW Marriott, Surabaya
Cafe Bromo, Sheraton, Surabaya
Four Points, Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya All day dining Fairfield Sunset Road, Bali

Mercure Batavia, Jakarta
Grand Mercure, Surabaya
Grand Mercure, Medan Angkasa
Mercure, Bengkulu
Ibis Style Jati Bening, Bekasi
Ibis, Samarinda
Novotel Yogyakarta, Jalan Jendral Sudirman Novotel Samator Service Apartment, Surabaya Mercure Manyar, Surabaya
Mercure, Sabang

Voza Premium Office, Surabaya
Vasa Hotel, Five Star Hotel, Surabaya
Marketing Gallery ARC100, Surabaya
New Marketing Gallery ARC100, Surabaya
Solaris Hotel, Malang

Episode Hotel, Gading Serpong Kompong Dewa Resort, Cambodia

Chandelier Lobby Aston, Kupang Aston Sidosermo, Surabaya

InterContinental Bali Resort

Golden Tulip Holland Park, Batu Golden Tulip, Belitung
Artotel Sanur, Bali

Hilton, Nusa Dua, Bali
Grand Mansion Menteng, Jakarta

Grand Sungkono Lagoon, Surabaya Lagoon Avenue Sungkono Mall, Surabaya
Show unit Grand Sungkono Lagoon Orlin Tower, Surabaya

Contact Us

Jalan Raya Bukit Darmo No. 29, Surabaya
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 68B, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan
@lightvolution (for Catalogue)


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