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Bottega & Artisan

Our Story

BOTTEGA & ARTISAN presents European residential designs as well as replicas of real natural stone and marble. Using state-of-the-art scanning machines, we replicate entire sections of stone, to give our tiles the most natural and authentic design.

With the latest European technology, our manufacturing has the best factory in Asia at present. Bottega craftsmen use Lamina (Moldless Technology), a technology created by the System Ceramics group called Lamgea Lamina Press. Our manufacturing has a robotic system that allows us to produce two finishes in one surface at the same time which is not yet available in Indonesia. Our production maintains the highest quality products easily and consistently. New plants and machines with the latest technology are installed at Bottega Artisan from internationally reputable suppliers such as System Group, Tecno Ferrari, Modena, BMR, CMF Technology, Sacmi.

Our Inspiration

BOTTEGA ARTISAN believes that each product has a different purpose and meaning. We strive for the best not only of our products but also the process and little things, such as the human touch in the manufacture of our products. Appreciation of design as art with passion is a form of “Trustworthy ” that we want to convey to the customer, ensuring that choosing BOTTEGA ARTISAN is the right decision.


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